Weekly Roundup

Several games were badged on Kongregate this week. First up was “My ‘Dear’ Boss“,  a fun launcher game with a sinister message that murdering your boss is the right way to deal with workplace frustration. Someone should let Fox News know.

The shooter “Outpost: Haven” , which plays like a miniaturized version of Alien Swarm picked up a hard badge, while there were two for “All that Matters“. The now infamous “Ocean Around Me” and “BeGone: Guerra” , a generic deathmatch shooter, were the other promoted games.

Kong’s frontpage, and chatrooms, were temporarily taken over by ads for the port of “Escape” to the iPhone, which received mobile badges. There were predicatable complaints as it emerged that the app costs money, making it the first time that money has to be spent in orer to earn a badge on Kong.

And the top game of the week on Kong was “Chuck the Sheep“, a launcher game with some great ideas but a horribly cluttered UI.

Over at Newgrounds, they’ve crowned “Abobo’s Big Adventure“  as Game of the Century.  The game is a NES parody-homage, and if you can remember early 90s Nintendo consoles, you’ll want to play it.

The Newgrounds weekly chart was dominated by movies this time around, but “Adventure Story” still sits in second place in their best of all time chart.

The ever popular “CurveBall” dropped to third place on Addicting Games this week, which still puts it some way ahead of the heavily promoted “Monkey Quest“.

At ArmorGames, in a strange reversal of how things are usually done, their ad has a game to promote it. “Sling Baby” is a simple launch game designed to encourage voting on the Sling Baby commercial, which remains one of their top priorites. Strangely, the game appears to be an AG exclusive right now, which seems like a limitation on its potential influence over voters.

And finally, Justin Bieber seems to be solidly in fashion again, with FlashGameLicense reporting two different Bieber themed games were sold this week. Look out for them coming to a portal near you soon.

As always, if you’re a developer and feel we should have given your game a mention here, you probably forgot to email us about it. Just click the Contact link at the top of the page if you have something cool to show us.

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