Weekly Roundup: Actionscript Next, Kongregate contests, and some fantastic MiniClip games

For developers, the biggest news this week was the announcement by Adobe of a new version of Actionscript. It coincided with a study showing that Facebook gamers are now looking for more engaging challenges – in other words, games that will actually use the power Actionscript Next will provide.

Kongregate had badges for Colorshift, Icy Fishes, Zombies Inc, and Neon Race 2. Their contest to win an XBox 360 with Asura’s Wrath is ongoing, and a new promotion offering the chance to win an iPad also started this week.   DuckLife 4 won the weekly contest.

Still top for the month on Newgrounds is the awesome Scale of the Universe 2.  Yeah, it’s not a game, but it is one of the coolest things you’ll see today.

Most played on AddictingGames last week was Stick Blender, which plays a little like Defend Your Castle, but with bubbles and a blender to throw your enemies into. Naturally CurveBall ranked highly on the site as well.

MiniClip has two great looking games on their frontpage this week, with Commando Defense and Snowball - not to be confused with the 2008 pinball game of the same name – both looking like MiniClip exclusives for now.  MiniClip has been on a run of high quality games recently and hopefully that’s set to continue.

It’s been quiet at ArmorGames this week, but they did announce some new additions to their merchandise store. Check them out here.

And finally, Andy Moore (of Steambirds fame) had plenty to say this week about the IGF  and music in games.  Both are a great read, for different reasons.

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