Weekly Roundup: April Fools’ Edition

The big news this week was the release of Flash Player 11.2, and the new features that came with it. Alongside it were new premium features for topend games, although reaction to this has been mixed. We have a slightly more indepth look at this coming up this week.

Of course, today happens to be April the 1st, and the major portals are up to their usual tricks to mark the day.

At Kongregate, they’re going 3D, modernizing the website for an experience that jumps right out of your browser. Or at least making it painful to read. A couple of users tried viewing it through 3D glasses just in case it really did display in 3D, and report the effect doesn’t work.

Newgrounds’ joke appears to be this game and / or the release of a “featureless chat”. We’re told the joke game makes sense if you’ve seen Hunger Games.

In real news, New Star Soccer won the Kongregate monthly contest, and tycoon game Inn Keeper was top for the week.  Both decision and New Star Soccer caused minor controversy by sending out mass PMs earlier in the week asking users to rate their games up to help them win the contest, but it doesn’t appear to have affected final placings at all.

And finally, on Armor Games, the new Monster’s Den game, Chronicles, is finally out. We thought this was an April Fool’s day joke too at first, but it’s real. You can play Monsters Den Chronicles here.  The AG team may be a little too busy for pranks today since a bot has flooded their forums with hundreds and hundreds of spam posts. Or maybe that’s the prank.


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