5 of the weirdest dressup games ever

Most gamers aren’t big fans of dressup games, and we’re not going to post links to just any dressups here. Instead we’ve rounded up 5 of the weirdest ones we could find. Without further delay, here they are!

Dress Up Obama

Dress up Obama makes it onto the list simply for the range of options. Everything from giant foam hands to “I Love McCain” t shirts can be found in a jumbled mess of “stuff” on the left, and while the art isn’t exactly, well, good, the variety more than makes up for it.

The developer noted that the game isn’t meant to make any sort of political statement, and that seems to be true as there are options to dress your Obama with whether you support him or not.

It’s a nice change to see an Obama themed game without any political bias, but that also means someone genuinely thought that dressing up the president would be fun, and that alone is worthy of a place on the list of weirdest dress-up games ever.


Justin Bieber Celebrity Makeover

There’s nothing unusual about Justin Bieber dressup games. But there’s something different about this one, namely that it involves giving a makeover to a male celebrity.

As strange as that sounds, it might work if it was done well, but every alteration is a color filter over the original image. That works okay for rogue, but the effect doesn’t work on, say, a black leather jacket.

This is probably the first dressup game ever made where none of the options are an improvement on the starting look of the character.


Tran-Up: Time to Man-Up

Didn’t the title give this one away?

We’re gonna say it was almost certainly made to parody dressup games, but still, someone actually came up with the idea of a tranvestite dressup game, and then went ahead and made it.

It’s pretty badly made, and the worst coded game on the list. But nobody said these would be good games, just weird ones.



Full Dressup

Full Dressup uses CGI models and allows you to customize the face separately. Good idea? Well, maybe, except that face and model remain separate, and your work on one doesn’t affect the other.

There aren’t many options to customize the character, and most of what is on offer either doesn’t work (eg skin color changes), or looks plain terrible. But what really got this game into our list of plain-out weird dressup games is that the character is supposed to be female.



Sheep Pimpimp

As far as dressup games go, this isn’t baaaaaad. Ahahaha. Okay, it’s pretty much as bad as that pun was.

The garish colors aren’t what put us off though, its the fact that the idea is to dress a sheep. Obviously Kong players weren’t impressed…. but is there really an audience for this, anywhere in the world?!



Do you know of any weirder dressup games? Or were our picks all new to you? Let us known in the comments below. Only family friendly ones please, no nudey Pokemon or anything else from NewGrounds. Thanks! 

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