eSports vs. Competitive Gaming

The Difference Between eSports and Competitive Gaming

Nowadays, it is very hard to highlight the difference between eSports and Competitive gaming because both are defined in a very similar way. Well, there are a lot of differences between these two, and we will explain to you step by step. Firstly, competitive gaming is like an online platform where the gamer plays against a bot, so one-on-one competition is very usual. On the other hand, eSports, also known as an electronic sport, describes eSports events where organized competitions are held between professional players as teams. eSports events can be live matches surrounded by a large number of audiences, but competitive gaming is also known as an offline event controlled by a computer.

Tips for Beginners

In this paragraph, you will find the 5 useful tips for eSports as a beginner that will help you to learn the basics of the process of betting on eSports, so later can easily become successful and start winning real money:

  • Choose the legal site for betting. Nowadays, you will find many different online casino websites, but not each is legal. Try to avoid being a victim of fraud and choose the most reputable online casino where you can place a safe bet on eSports events.
  • Set goals. First, you should set your very realistic goals so that later you will intend to achieve them. Stay focused on betting and manage to earn more money while enjoying and improving your skills.
  • Set your bankroll. Set a strict budget that you have planned for the betting. Think always smartly how much you need to wager and avoid throwing your money away without having a limit. We recommend you to stick to the budget provided and do not change it all the time.
  • Learn to identify value. This is quite a difficult process, but it is important. It is very important to understand the odds and learn how to compare them to the chances of winning. After learning the basics of the odds, you will be able to make more successful betting processes.
  • Research team history. Before you start wagering, you should make a research about the played matches, scored goals, and every information related to the team you have chosen. It would be great knowing more about it before putting any wager.

Biggest Upcoming eSports Events

The biggest upcoming eSports events are available online on every legal casino, so do your research and choose what odds are preferable. Many online casinos offer you different casino bonuses that you can use and by signing up for free you can win some prizes. Here we provide you a list of the biggest upcoming eSports events that you can bet online and win real money:

  • PUBG club open
  • Vainglory
  • Valor series
  • Clash Royale League

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  • GG Bet
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