Fix for Backyard Monsters ‘Base 0′ is player created as hackers battle it out

It’s hacker versus hacker on Backyard Monsters, where players have taken it into their own hands to do Kixeye’s job for them.

We’ve reported before on how malicious players can trigger the “Base 0″ bug that disables another player’s account, and then on how Kixeye’s anti-cheat detection system was banning the wrong players. In both cases Kixeye’s response has been that Kongregate is an unsupported platform.

But one player has found a way to revert some of the damage done, in a rare case of game hacking being used for the good of the player base.

Des_troyy is offering, via the Kongregate forums, to repair affected accounts, and in cases where the account can’t be recovered, to simply create a new base for them.

He asked us not to post specifics, but in essence, he’s compiled a set of “good” hacks which can reverse most of the damage a malicious player or a game breaking bug can inflict on a player, including the ‘Base 0′ error.

This is also outside the rules, of course. But with Kixeye still refusing to help, it’s the best hope for players who’ve spent real money on the game, only to see their account disappear.

A Kongregate admin said they’d been in contact with Kixeye, but the company was “not being compliant” when asked to fix the problems with their game. Kongregate also noted that the promised update to the game “could be some months away” yet.

Kixeye were formerly known as the Casual Collective. Another of their games, Desktop Tower Defence 1.5 remains unplayable on Kongregate, despite having badges and being included in a quest.

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