Gabe Newell talks about his favorite casual games

Ever wondered what the biggest names in gaming play in their free time? We did – so we asked Gabe Newell, head of Valve Software.

His tastes are quite mainstream, and they’re all iOS games. Like most of the world, he’s a big fan of Plants vs Zombies, the only game in the world where a sunflower will fend off a zombie apocalypse.

He’s also keen on Dragonvale, a dragon breeding simulator that’s picked up a lot of fans recently. Developer Backflip Studios suggests it’s like Jurassic Park without the risk of being eaten alive.

As far as social games go, Gabe told us he enjoys Trade Nations, a free to play Farmville style village sim where the aim is to build a thriving, profitable town.

Finally, he also mentioned he’s been enjoying Spellocity recently. Like the name suggests, Spellocity tasks you with spelling as many words from a given set of letters as fast as possible. You can play a Flash demo of that here if that sounds like your sort of thing.

Personally, we’re just hoping the influence from these reaches Valve’s games. Popcap’s earlier game Peggle got a free Team Fortress 2 themed update, so now we’d like to see sunflowers in Left 4 Dead. It’s only fair.

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