“I will rip off your games” – Jason Bailey, Eastside Games CEO

Eastside Games CEO Jason Bailey is collecting dislikes on YouTube after a video of his Full Indie speech was uploaded showing him making fun of smaller devs and supporting plagiarism.

Despite his talk being disguised as comedy, it was loaded with stats showing off the scale of his company’s own games, and he was scathing about games that don’t integrate social features or microtransactions.

“I know you guys feel pretty good about the little games you’ve built – ‘I had 11 people play yesterday! I’m going to upload it on Kongregate!’ – so not to make fun of your games, but I prefer ones that actually make money.”

He also had plenty to say about plagiarism, mostly in support of it:

“I really hope that you all go home and work hard on your games tonight, and come up with great new gameplay techniques – and I will absolutely rip them off next week and put them into a good game.”

Although the audience took this in good humor, he openly states his company cloned both Farmville and Triple Town, saying he “added a plus one” to each game. The Triple Town clone seems  to have missed its scheduled release date, possibly because Spry Fox is taking legal action against alleged plagiarism by another company.

You can watch the full video on YouTube to see what else he had to say on the two topics. Note that the speech may be NSFW as it contains strong language and drug references.

Were Jason Bailey’s comments justified? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

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