Justin Bieber gets pre-emptively sued by App developer

Yes, you read the headline right, Justin Bieber is being sued, not suing someone else.

It all started when his lawyers sent a cease and desist notice to RC3, developers of the parody app Joustin’ Beaver. Bieber felt that the game, which shows a beaver in a purple sweater that signs “Otter-graphs”, was infringing on his trademark and publicity rights.

In return, RC3 have filed a lawsuit on the basis that their work is a parody, and they should have the right to distribute it under the same free speech laws that allow parody and satire in other mediums.

Looking at screenshots of the app compared to pictures of Bieber himself, its hard to see where Bieber’s rights were being infringed. While you may hear comments about his ‘trademark’ purple sweater, we’re pretty sure it isn’t a registered trademark, and this game is one of the few Bieber parodies that don’t simply use his name and likeness directly. Cuz, you know, he’s not actually a beaver or anything.

Or perhaps he is, and the truth will come out during the lawsuit.

The Hollywood Reporter has more on the story, including the complaint filed with the court, at this link.

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