Last year’s most controversial GDC audience talks about reaction; speaking this year

Last year Ryan Creighton stole the show at GDC with a display of social engineering that captured more headlines and attention than the rest of the show put together. And he was just an audience member that time.

This year he’s attending as a speaker, and although his talk might not end up defining the show, there may be more solid information for developers to take away from it.

The general theme of his talk is taking content viral, and although the discussion will primarily centre on his smash hit game Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure, he told us that he’d “be speaking about how you can turn yourself into a lightning rod for success, and the coin stunt is part of that.”

Ryan commented that “getting known” is important, whether it’s through headline grabbing tricks or creating strong, viral gaming brands.  Part of his talk will include a look at how he immediately capitalized on the initial success of Pony Adventure with merchandising and further viral content – something that’s sure to interest developers as most indie games have a relatively quiet launch.

As for backlash from last year, Ryan isn’t worried. He told us reactions were mixed, but most people didn’t bear a long term grudge against him.

I spoke to Eric Zimmerman briefly at IndieCade, and he seemed to bear me no ill will (although we didn’t talk about the panel specifically).  Later, Cassie and I were commissioned to draw a Ponycorns card for The Metagame (one of Eric’s projects), so I can’t see him hating my guts or anything.

I ran into one of the panelists at IndieCade as well.  I think he did bear me ill will, but as with anything, once he met me in person and we were able to speak to each other and hash it out, it was smoothed over.

We also asked Ryan if he was planned on attending another social gaming summit, but he declined to comment.

GDC guests can catch his talk at 1.45pm on March 5th, in West Hall (second floor).

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