“No Limits for Molehill” – Adobe

Adobe has released a ‘trailer’ for Molehill, due out in two weeks, claiming the 3D performance has “no limits”, and stating that any 3D game will be possible in Flash.

The video talks about how Molehill is less a 3D platform, and more an interface for direct access to the GPU, with improvements of up to one thousand percent in rendering speed. Adobe also say we can expect console quality games in Flash.

The changes should also benefit 2D games, helping them run faster and therefore pack in more content.

But there was little information about whether users will need highend systems to take advantage of the new features – a brief clip shows only 8% CPU usage for one 3D animation, but if the work is simply being shifted to the GPU, slower systems still won’t be able to handle it.

Unity has struggled to take hold in the market partly because many casual gamers have machines with an integrated graphics chip rather than a dedicated graphics card. Gamers typically blame the game, rather than their PC, if a browser based game runs badly, and Adobe may struggle to convince players to upgrade even for the best 3D Flash games.

Is Molehill the turning point for 3D browser based gaming? Or is it too far ahead of the technology needed to reach a wide audience? Leave a comment below.

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