Snowball: a must-play Flash pinball game

Snowball is the best Flash pinball game there is. Of course, there’s not much competition, but regardless, there’s something extra special about this game.

We’ll start with our one criticism of it. Everything is very, very white. If MiniClip supplied the option to darken the webpage background, the effect might be lessened, but as it is SnowBall can be a little painful to look at for too long.

Other than that though, this is pinball perfection. Purists may miss the flashing lights and bloopy sound effects of traditional games, but they’re replaced with fantastic pixel art and a table packed with ramps and bonuses.

The size of the table deserves a mention too. It’s around two and a half screens tall, the game scrolling with the ball as you play. You’d think this would cause problems with multiball, but cleverly any ball below your current view is autopaused until you catch up with it.

And don’t think that the size of the table means you’ll be firing the ball away and then sitting back to watch it make its own way around the course. The table is split up into little sections, all with their own flippers or a player controled bumper.  One cave on the right has a minecart that can be rolled left or right. There isn’t a moment in the game where player input isn’t important.

Between the lovely graphics, superb gameplay, and overall attention to detail, Snowball has immediately positioned itself as the browser pinball game to beat. You’ll be missing out if you don’t give it a try.

Play it here.

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