Weekly Roundup: Contests, meth addiction, and the Superbowl

This week was surprisingly quiet for new, once developers stopped leveling accusations of plagiarism at each other, so we’re starting with news of two contests.

FlashGameLicense have announced a 48 hour developer competition starting on the 17th of February, with a top prize of $500. Details are here.

And on a smaller scale, the developer led ‘Game in Ten Days‘ on Kongregate is offering K+ and $30 in Kred tips to the winner (that’s a value of around $60 total). The contest is already underway, with the theme ‘Only One Level’.

Kongregate itself badged Several Journeys of Reemus, Mission in Space, and This Is The Only Level 3. The same three games also finished second, third, and tenth respectively at Newgrounds.

Addicting Games is aiming to traumatize its young audience with a game  about the dangers of meth addiction, currently promoted on their frontpage. While we’re in favor of drug awareness education, it’s surprising that Nickolodeon, a station you could watch for a week and never once hear the word ‘meth’ used, allowed the game.

MiniClip’s featured game this week is White Water Rafting, another 3D Flash game. It’s pretty solid, but more like a tech demo than anything else.

Bulletproof Arcade sent word that their Flash RPG Dungeon King has been updated. Included in the update is the addition of ‘click and hold’ attacking, something we felt the game needed when we reviewed it.

And finally, Silverado Apocolypse Blaster won the voting at ArmorGames to become Chevy’s official SuperBowl game, in time for the actual game today. Who are you rooting for?

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