Weekly Roundup: GDC, IGS, IGF, it’s a week of acronyms

GDC has been and gone, though you’d barely know it since it was business as usual for most portals. The Mochis were handed out with minimal fanfare. And we do mean minimal, as MochiMedia didn’t send out a press release. In fact, they didn’t even mention them on their own MochiBlog. You can see the list of winners here, but as the biggest (only?) awards dedicated to Flash gaming, this should have been internet wide news.

THe IGF winners were also announced, but as we predicted, Flash games struggled to compete against the strong set of nominees. Here’s a list of winners from Joystiq, because the IGF do send out press releases about important events.

Elsewhere, Jay Is Games was hacked. They responded quickly to fix the problems and increase security on their server, but anyone who visited the site in the past week or so is advised to run a virus scan on their PC.

Three new gaming portals were announced during GDC (1,2,3), each one serving a different audience. We’re most interested in seeing what Foddy is going to be offering, because most of the details about the other two are already known. However, it’s worth noting that Rebellion and Konami have both signed on to publish games on Zynga’s platform.

Two lawyers claim that Facebook credits, or more specifically the developer agreements forcing devs to use them, are illegal. If you want to make them lots of money through lawsuits, conveniently they’re also inviting developers to engage them on a no win no fee basis.

Around the web, MiniClip shows off some of the potential for 3D in Flash with a fun, though basic, racing game. You’ll need hardware acceleration on to play it – don’t bother if your PC doesn’t have a dedicated video card. It’s more of a tech showcase than a game, as the game literally just involves racing on a series of different tracks. There’s no level select, save feature, car customisation, etc, but it looks pretty nice.

Kongregate’s weekly winner was Papa’s Pancakeria, which just beat New York Shark at the last minute. New York Shark did finish first for the week on Newgrounds, however.

Finally, there’s an interview on YouTube here with Armor Games, although 90% of the talking is by the interviewer. The headline quote is the suggestion that Angry Birds ripped off Crush the Castle, but again, this is a view mostly pushed by the interviewer and not Armor Games.

That’s it for this week. Remember, if you have news we should be covering, the best way to get word out is to send it to us.

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