Weekly Roundup: New dev options on Kongregate, and free Unity for Mobile

It was a quiet week for news this past week. There were no new lawsuits announced, and we thought we’d get through a week without any allegations of plagiarism at all, until One and One Story was the latest Flash game to be illegally ported to the iPhone.

Around the web, for the first time this year, Curve Ball wasn’t one of the 10 most played games of the week on AddictingGames. This seems mostly to do with a slew of new sitelocks making their way to the portal all at the same time.

Kongregate pushed out an update that gives developers the ability to mass message players of their games. The feature was previously available to “select games” (read: pay to win MMOs), where reaction was mostly favorable. It’s too early to tell how players will react as more games start sending out messages to them, though.

Also new at Kongregate is the option for developers to upload “iframe games”, aka an externally hosted game that runs within the regular game window on Kong. The site obviously wants to lead the way in hosting HTML5 content as it becomes available, as it did with Unity games, but allowing any developer to add unverified iframe games means it won’t be long before unscrupulous devs try to push malware onto users’ computers.

Top of the weekly leaderboard was New Star Soccer, which, while technically an advergame for New Star Soccer 5, is very playable in its own right. The game’s rating did benefit a little from the established fan base of the series, with its current 4.40 rating making it one of the top games on the entire site (Kingdom Rush is at 4.63), but  it’s a deserved win regardless.

Late contender Immortal Souls: Dark Crusade deserves special mention, since on any other week it would have topped the chart. And in third place was Do You Know Flash Games, an unpolished but solid game about, well, you can guess from the title.

Capcom has announced it will be moving into browser based game development, with a new installment in the Onimusha series. But fans of the action game may not feel the new installment is what they wanted, as it seems likely to be a standard Facebook MMO. Capcom describe Onimusha Soul as a “Sengoku simulation RPG”, which sounds a lot like a pitch for a game about Japanese states sending armies to fight either other.

Finally, Unity for Mobile is free until the start of April . The option to add it to your download becomes available after you select the free or professional version of the program.

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